Welcome to Toby Bartlett, a visual artist operating in the mediums of art direction, photography, sculpture and new media consulting. This site includes a portfolio of work, client list and contact information.

elevating your presence...

Backed by experience, toby bartlett is a consultant, digital media specialist and designer, with over 20 years of impactful results in the marketing, design, art and social realms. 

As a proud member (with cgd designation) of the society of graphic designers of canada (gdc), international member of both the art directors club (adc), the interaction design association (ixda) as well as the professional association for design (aiga), toby believes in continuing education and remaining on the cutting edge of the curve. 

versed in multiple platforms and industries, toby bartlett has extensive independent, agency, corporate and government experience that makes for a special blend of entrepreneurial design ingenuity.